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  Product Name (+/-)-Phenylmercapturic acid  
Product Specifications 
 catalogue no.MC006 
 chemical name(+/-)-Phenylmercapturic acid 
 IUPAC nameN-acetyl-S-phenylcysteine 
 synonymsDL-Mercapturic acid 
 molecular formulaC11H13NO3S 
 molecular weight [g/mol]239.29  
 categoryMiscellaneous Compounds 
 melting pointn.d. 
 boiling pointn.d. 
 appearancecolourless solid 
 shipping temperatureambient 
 long term storageRT 
 Spectra1-H NMR 
 NMR analytics500 MHz (d6-DMSO) 
 Safety Information 
 R-sentenceR: 36/37/38 
 S-sentenceS: 26, 37/39 
 hazardous substance symbolXn 
 safety infoCaution, substance not fully tested. Potential health effects. 
 References Mercapturic acids revisited as biomarkers of exposure to reactive chemicals in occupational toxicology: a minireview. Haufroid V, Lison D. Int Arch Occup Environ Health. 2005 May 10 
 Application Notes  
  biochemical marker 
 Ordering Information  
Cat. No. | Product Name | Quantity | Price  
MC006.1   (+/-)-Phenylmercapturic acid   1 g   inquire  
MC006.2   (+/-)-Phenylmercapturic acid   2.5 g    
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